Barcelona, Spain



Date of Birth:
November 18, 1956

Want to Work in:
Barcelona, Spain

Work Experience:
> 10 year



English, French, Spanish

 Excellent qualifications in strategic planning with comprehensive knowledge on business management, and project execution

I would like to be considered for a position in which someone of my background could make a contribution.
Any country and City.

Work Experience
Deputy Resident Inspector in Asco Nuclear Plant (Spain)
Vandellos - CSN
I currently work here
From April 2002 until now (Present Job).
Deputy Resident Inspector in Asco Nuclear Plant (Spain) from April 2002 since December 2010 and from December 2010 in Vandellcs II Nuclear plant (Spain).

To guarantee appropriate use of the complete nuclear safety system consisting of
guides and standards of administrative codes, rules and regulations, specifications and
standards, safety guides, etc. Improve Safety Culture. Radioactive wastes management,
radio environment management, radio hygiene, emergency preparedness in case of a
nuclear accident, nuclear material control, etc
General Manager
Burnaby. British Columbia. Canada - MARBE OF CANADA.
from 1997.12 to 2002.03
Strategy, organization, viability new projects, marketing.

Importer, Consultant Company

4 (Staff Direction)
Move to Spain. Family business

Strategy, organization, viability new projects, marketing.
Catalonia - My self
from 1995.04 to 1997.06
Functions: Strategy, new products and projects. Organizational changes. Business
Operations Director
Barcelona - ICT (Catalonian Institut of Technology).
from 1990.09 to 1995.04
Consultant Company in Technological areas. Courses and programs in technology and business management.

Design and program development. Design products. Search opportunities.
Implementation of programs.
International programs in collaboration with France, England, Italy and Germany.
Inspector Radioactive Facilities.
Barcelona. Spain - Autonomous Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya).
from 1985.04 to 1990.09
Nuclear Safety Council of Spain

Control, supervision of radioactive facilities in Catalonia Evaluation of new projects and
modification of existing projects (Hospitals, Universities, Companies, Research Centres).
Catalonia - Universities and other organizations
from 1987.04 to 1990.02
2007 Foundation of Rovira i Virglll University (Tarragona, Spain). Seminar. Objectives and targets.

2006 Foundation of Rovira iVirgili University (Tarragona, Spain). Seminar Creativity, Innovation and Technology.
1996/97 European Institute of Law & Economics. (Barcelona, Spain). Economic policy.

1996/97 San Carlos Institute (Barcelona, Spain).Strategy business training, marketing and company policies.

1995/97 Barcelona City Council. (Barcelona, Spain). ODAME Program Entrepreneurship. Business viability market research.

1995/97 IEFE European Institute of Continuing Education business. (Manresa, Spain). "ln Company Training " Marketing, Business Policy and Strategy. ISO 9000

1995/97 European University (Barcelona, Spain). Master of Business Administration Quantitative and corporate strategy.

1997 Center for Business Studies Course Caixa Terrasa. Terrasa, Spain). Marketing and sales. Business Objectives. Market.

1995/97 University of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain). Master in Business Administration and organization. Quantitative methods. Strategy and business policy.

1993/95 University of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain). Master in Commerce and international Finance. Policies and strategies for international business.

1995/98 Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain). Strategy and business policy. Business quantitative methods.

1996 Official Chamber of Commerce and industry of Manresa. (Manrresa, Spain). Management to reduce costs and expenses. Process Reengineering

1987 Academy of Medical Sciences de Catalunya i Balears (Barcelona, Spain). Application of radio nuclides to the Health Sciences.
Various courses - Various
Various - Spain, Belgium, Netherlands.
from 1990 to 2011
September 1990 to June 1991
Diplome d'AnaIyste Financier decerne par le FEAAF
Financial Analyst

FEAAF Federation Europeenne des Associations
d'AnaIystes Financiers. Barcelona ( Spain).

October 2008.
Training course on nuclear preparedness and response
and academic distinctions: for emergencies

Response for nuclear emergencies
Radiological of European Commission 40 sck. Cen
(Mons, Belgium).

17-21 October 2011.

Training Course on physical protection against sabotage.

Delft University of Technology: TU Delft. IAEA Associate Centre.
Deft, Netherlands.

2010 Pumps and Valves. 60h TECNATOM (Spain).
2009 Maintenance and Testing of Pumps and Valves. 60h TECNATOM (Spain).
2009 Simulator Operation Practices for Asco PWR. 40h TECNATOM (Spain).
2009 Course root cause analysis and technology MORT. 35h SOCOIN (Spain).
2009 New organizational structures 30h. Lerida University, Lerida, Spain.
2009 Business organization 30h. Lerida University, Lerida, Spain.
2009 Family business 30h. Lerida University, Lerida, Spain.
2009 Design and development of thesis 40h. Lerida University, Lerida, Spain.
2008 New targets of fire protection in nuclear power plants 2h CSN (Spain).
2008 Radiochemistry in nuclear power plants CIEMAT 30h (Spain).
2008 Determination process operability Odp Leblond & Associates 14h (Spain).
2007 Theoretical and Practical Course of electrical and instrumentation and control. 60h. TECNATOM (Spain).
2007 Risk Assessment and inspection of internal flooding at Nuclear Power Plants. 14h CSN (Spain).
2005 Simulator Operation Practices Specific Ascó Tecnatom 80h (Spain).
2005 Basic PRA (Probabilistic Risk Assessment)CSN 30h (Spain).
2005 General education in the SISC (ROP) CSN 12h (Spain).
2004/05 Academic Certificate of: Uncertainly Analysis. Financial Dynamics. Strategic. Management. Humans Resources. Economics & Business Administration. Universitat Rovira i Virgili. Tarragona (Spain)
2004 Technology pwr 120h Tecnatom (Spain).
2004 Analysis of water reactor accidents Tecnatom 30h (Spain).
2002 Interpretation of plans and wiring diagrams and control.
Tecnatom 30h (Spain).
2002 occupational risk prevention inspectors for residents. CSN 30h
2002 Director of emergency Tecnatom (Spain)
MBA - Business
ESADE - Barcelona
from 1985 to 1988
Three years was is the minimun time for this kind of studies in ESADE Spain.
Bachelor's Degree - Physics
Barcelona Central University - Barcelona
from 1974 to 1979
Five years was is the minimun time for this kind of studies in Spain. Different matters among them nuclear physics.
Bachelor's Degree - Mathematics
Barcelona Central University - Barcelona
from 1971 to 1976
Five years was is the minimun time for this kind of studies in Spain. Different matters among them statistics.

- Development of Environmental Radiation Monitoring Plan in Catalonia during the first year of the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.
XIII Annual Meeting of the Spanish Nuclear Society. La Toja October 1987.

- Monitoring the levels of incidence in Catalonia the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. XII Annual Meeting of the Spanish Nuclear Society. Salamanca, November 1986
Radioactives Instal.lacions radiological Protection. SCAR Generalitat de Catalunya. 1987 (Annex 17).

- First estimations of the incidence in Catalonia of the nuclear accident at Chernobyl. Nuclear Spain Magazine No. 44 June 1986.

- Some considerations on methodology, coordination, and process data in a Monitoring Plan Radioambiental. II Conference on environmental radioactivity. Spanish Nuclear Society (Section Catalana). Barcelona. May 1986.

-Action plans in case of fire or disaster in general, radioactive facilities and transportation of radioactive materials. SCAR Generalitat de Catalunya. 1986 (Annex 16).

- Cs-137 IN THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT GALICIAN XI Annual Meeting of the Spanish Nuclear Society, Barcelona, May 1985.

- Follow-up radiological monitoring plans in the vicinity of nuclear power plants in the region of Catalunya. XI Annual Meeting of the Spanish Nuclear Society, Barcelona, May 1985.

- Some technical criteria in the design of the environmental radiological monitoring network in real time on the nuclear sites of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. Nuclear Magazine Spain,
November of 1985.

- The end of the crisis?
Revista Horizonte Empresarial. Nº 253

- "Creativity an effective tool."
Enfermería geriátrica Clínica y Práctica. Capítulo 9. "Editorial Brisbane. 1994.

- The company and the challenge of quality.
Revista Horizonte Empresarial. nº240

-CAD Competitiveness and Progress.
Revista Horizonte Empresarial. nº228
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